Hey all,

Just wanted to post some pics of my ride, I have owned this car for a few years and have learnt alot from browsing useful forums like www.Audi-sport.net

With that said here are a few pics of my ride, thanks for all the inspiration.

I have the following Modifications:
Forge TIP
76mm DP to 63mm exhaust
Koni Sport 35mm Drop Springs
17" Avus S3 rims
4za Tuned Software map
Current power 203hp / 221 ft lbs

Pics of my ride when I first got her

Then back in 2010 ended up having a front smash, hit an animal that ran across the highway at about 100km/h

After sourcing new bumpers etc through a great mate of mine Miggz, I set off to make the some changes.
ps. Thanks Miggz A3

First up was the Sportech Lip / Spoiler for the front and my Gun metal sprayed AVUS rims

Stance looking a bit high

Next up came the Koni Sport Springs to eleviate that boat effect and look!

Then Came operation blackout for the rear lights

With the car being completely dark I decided to do a subtle change to the tail lights

A pic of my FMIC

My Green Calipers :-)

My Pillar boost gauge

A pic of our frosty winter(no snow though)

My First boost leak

My first blown Turbo

The replacement turbo K03s

Broken Crank gear

My Xenons

And a few random pics, past and present

Thanks for watching!