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    Help please :( Passenger window not going the whole way up!!

    Morning all!

    I have a 01 Audi A3 and have had problems with the windows (amongst plenty of other things) since I bought the darn thing, but this morning I wound the passenger window down, in order to be able to see through it, and now it won't go the entire way back up. It gets to halfway and then winds back down again. It has done this for quite a while and normally if I hold the button up it eventually goes all the way up. However this morning it seems to think that the window it completely closed when in fact its 2-3 inches from the top. Is there anyway of getting the window up manually? I'm concerned with the bad weather on the way that leaving it open is going to damage my car even more, and it really doesn't need help in that department! I have tried lifting it manually, advice from the other half thats 200 miles away, but that doesn't seem to want to make it move and I am conscious that I may break the window if I'm too rough with it. Any advice or help on how to get the damn thing back up would be gratefully received.


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    Re: Help please :( Passenger window not going the whole way up!!

    Just done mine it be the clips broken go scrap yard and get a new clIPs be fine again ..

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    I had this with the one we just bought, caught it during the test drive. With precise timing after pressing the up button, careful jiggling and a bit of patience I got the window back up. had that fixed before picking the car up.

    You have got no choice other than to persuade it up while pressing the up button or get some duct tape on their stat for the drive home?
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    Just open door and put your hand on outside of window and help it up while pressing the button.... I have same problem on both my windows.....

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    I believe the best thing to do is to purchase the Audi A6 clips for it as they are re-enforced with metal and not fully plastic.

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    My passenger window has dropped, I've bought the eBay kit ready to crack on with it. I just wondered has anyone done it???

    I took door panel off, then metal sheet behind removed 8 x10mm screws , undid all electric plugs for speaker , window ect but I couldnt remove the metal panel there was still something holding it. Like I said today was a practice run just to see what I'm up against for when the kit arrives but anyone who has done this before and has a tip or two let me know please.

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    Isnt there a way to 'relearn' the window fully up and down?
    something like hold the up button till its all the way up then push up and release, then hold it all the way down then push down and release?

    Im sure i screwed my windows up before and did this and they have worked ok since.
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    Sean, check this thread Broken window? Window clips? Window regulator? or motor? Guide inside , it's pretty straight-forward.
    Did mine before seeing that, bought the full repair-kit but all I got was that broken plastic clip.
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