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Thread: Wheel Alignment

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    Wheel Alignment

    Hi Guys,

    Just had my alignment done at Elite Direct - £107 inc VAT.





    What do you reckon?

    They charged me £20 per wheel to do the camber for each front and they're really not much different?

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    Did you ask for specific alignment, or just whatever they set it at?

    There's not much adjustment on the rear for standard cars, the front they can adjust camber and toe.

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    That's expensive mate! But can you tell the difference when driving and are you happy? If so then that's all that matters!
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    i got mine done for £60 and the car felt alot more stable afterwards.

    I also had to get the front done again recently as i dropped the subframe to fit my downpipe and he only charged me £20 for this. if your anywhere near southampton let me know and i will post up his details as he also had the full kit and was very professional.
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    [QUOTE=jojo;1677075]Did you ask for specific alignment, or just whatev
    There's not much adjustment on the rear for standard cars, the front they can adjust camber and toe.[/QUOTE

    I didn't ask for a specific adjustment, they just told me that the front wheels were out and the could true the camber for £20 a wheel on top of the 60 to do the toe on all 4 as well. Doesn't seem like ahuge adjustment on the camber to me. The car does feel a little better, kindof odd on the steering though. Almost like its harder to move the wheel some times. I guess that's probably as more of the tyre is making contact with the road now.

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    Mine cost £126, but this included changing over to all new rubber, plus some work on one of alloys due to corrosion. As Jojo has already stated and maybe mine being a standard not an s3 they couldn't really do much with the rear, but the end result was rear & total toe was slightly improved and rear thrust is now perfect.

    Front toe ended up being a perfect 0.00, steer ahead was almost perfect 0.01 and the left and right side measurements were the same respectively. Camber is slightly odd being set to -0.50 & -0.15, but thinking about it could well be specific for RHD and accounting for wear for more right turns, or is it left? I'm happy to be corrected on this.
    Castor couldn't be adjusted so therefore left at 6.40 & 6.45.
    Overall I'm pretty happy the job done and the car feels it's rolling with little resistance.



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