evening chaps, got a bit of an issue here... Pulled up at work today and my clutch pedal sank to the floor and stayed there

So got down in the foot well to have a look at it, looks like the MC has been leaking as fluid has clearly been dripping down onto the trim below. New master cylinder it is then!

I though as a temporary fix I might try bleeding at the slave cylinder to see if it'd get me about until i get the time to swap out the MC. So pressured up the system with the eezi-bleed, undid the bleed nipple on the slave and nothing I pressed the clutch pedal down + up and tried again and there was a little spurt of fluid but nothing substantial, literally a little spit. Not sure how relevant this is but before I did this I actually took the bleed nipple all the way out and I'd even say it looked completely dry in there.

Anyone got any ideas or should I just wait until I've got my new MC in and go from there?