Hi all, I need some help with a front brake swap.
I've been making a kit using R32 discs and 996 GT3 calipers. I've mounted the caliper ok and the R32 disc offset is ok too. There's about 4-5mm between it and the hub assembly.
I know that everyone using the 993tt swap uses 10mm spacers, so I used 12mm to make sure I got clearance on the calipers.
Trouble is these GT3 calipers are effing wide. Too wide it seems. The wheel (rstt ET30/8x18) is a mile off clearing. My only hope now is to use the 993tt calipers.
This is where you come in. Can someone measure the pad swept area on a 993 disc (outer to inner diameter) and the distance from the pad face to the highest point of the caliper outer face. Hope this makes sense.
The GT3 calipers I have are the same as the ones Movit use in their 342 conversion, so perhaps Dunk can shed some light (if he hasn't sold it).

Hope someone can help.