I have the above car and I am looking to remove the existing seats and install better condition ones from an identical model.

First of all, my knowledge of cars is almost zero so I do apologise, but I would like to improve that

My seats I thought were just bolt fittings but looking under I see what appear to be AirBag connectors? Not sure if this is correct.

My worry is, can i simply just unbolt my existing seats and any cables connected that I find under the seat and connect the new seats and plug in the cables to the same sockets without doing anything else, or should I be concerned by the airbag stuff?

Again, I would like to be able to try this myself but if you think this is better handled by a garage then I shall do that.

Would I be ok if I were to disconnect the battery and wait 1hr and then remove existing seats/install new ones? Is there anything that may happen in me doing this?

Sorry for rambling on and possibly not getting to the point here but I was not sure how to ask and I hope I have provided all the info you may need!

Thank you in advance for your time!

Kind Regards,