I thought i would document my progress as many others do, Also its fantastic to look back on! so here goes...

Purchased my A3 1.8t AGU off my boss of all people for a sum of 1500 notes in november 2010, he had it for 10 years as second owner. He kept it immaculate with just the usual interior wear. Serviced at all intervals etc etc. was sat at 89k when i took over.

When i got her i knew about a fault or 2 wich i am not afraid of. first issue was a lumpy idle, cutting out and bounce in idle after coming back to idle. Additionally i noticed another issue wich he hadnt noticed, gear changes were jolty etc.

Bearing in mind my boss just prior to me taking the car, had a "Speacialist" look at these issues and they performed the following: Vagcom, Remove injectors send for sonic cleaning, check fuel pump, filter and pressure, remove ecu coilpacks and all wiring to inspect and clean all connectors, they almost sent the ecu to germany for recoding???. ended up with a bill for 300 and no issues resolved... meh.

I came from '89 R5 Gtts with pushrod engines you could rebuild with your eyes closed (aaaah the simple life) b
Few shots of my gtts when i was younger

and started rebuilding this back to standard recently but moved to a house with no room.....

Got as far as rebuilding and reinstalling the engine back in a repainted bay

anyway... with a newer ecu controlled car i felt out of my depth so got on the tinterweb and came accross the ery realm of Audi-Sport.net and found loads of info regarding DV, throttle body etc etc

So i replaced the dv and gave the TB a right good clean, reset the tb using vcds, replaced the coolant sensor and straight away the issue with gear changes was noticable the engine seemed to be adapting so didnt notice the revs at first but once the adaption had finished she went much better and didnt bouce the idle

Still had a slight miss but i have since found that this is the Ignition amp on the airbox.

So in summary a "specialist" is not always a speacialist as I, an It admin who sits drinking coffee all day, fixed an issue with a computer, a bit of know how and a few parts that didnt come to more than 100 notes???? go figure..... needless to say my boss was pissed when i told him lol he went from this a3 to a a4 tdi sline and still said he would much rather have the a3 hehehe mine now ***** :D

Right so next was powerville and i wanted a remap on std equipment apart from 007p and a pipercross pf. So i went up to monster motorsport on stoke on trent iirc where i would take advantage of the revo 99 remap and 2 rolling roads for a few extra. so get there and do a RR and get 151.3bhp so was pretty much std factory spec.... good. next the remap wich they were unable to do due to having no harness to fit my ecu booooooo so off i went with no rema but a figure to work from i suppose.

So months later had a stainless exhaust fitted due to the standard one blowing and had a full service to top it off.

Now remap time, Gave Ben at FUSION-PERFORMANCE ENGINE TUNING/DIAGNOSTICS AND FAULT FINDING - Home a call and he was a helpful chap from the word go and a sound chap to get on with. He popped round and mapped her with a stage 1. What can i say apart from brilliant feels so much more responsive and goes like the clappers lol

so any way this is where i am now however i am just waiting for a 3" dp and decat to arrive this week so i can fit this weekend... However here are the latest pics of my Gold A3.

Not sure on exhaust considering a miltek descreet one