Have to say not that exciting really but thought I'd post anyway.

So my S3 APY comes with a narrow band ecu. Nothing wrong with it but as I'm fitting my hybrid to it though I would make my life a little easier when it comes to tuning by fitting a Wideband Ecu and Loom from a later spec S3.

2 main reason for this.

1) I wanted to, seem like a good upgrade, the cars had everything done. Why not give it a better brain...
2) WB is easier to tune.

So what's involved if you want to do it yourself.

Well firstly it took me about 3 hours to do, so not that time consuming and to be fair that was with a few cuppa breaks.

You obviously need a complete loom from a donar S3 and an ECU to match

A stanley knife, a 10mm socket, a 13mm socket and a radio to sing along to.

Can't really see any point in posting a picture because it's just a bunch of wires coming out of the car and a bunch going back and you don't need to be electrically minded to do it.

So there's the 2 wiring looms side by side

The old is the middle 2 and the new are the outside. Basically they are indentical except for the BAM loom has a WB plug instead of the NB one. It has a EGT and extra NB plug for the rear o2 sensor. It has 1 less DPP switch and doesn't have the SAI and the Knock sensors are a little different. Other than that it's like for like.

Cost wise about £300 for the ECU, Loom, EGT sensor, knock and WB.

Not entirely it was that necessary but hey, whiled away a few hours.