Hello all,

I have just been offered some fully refurbed Ohlin Dampers which were pulled from my mates boss's Leon.
Hes offered them to me for £800 which considering they cost him £2500 2 years ago, and hes just had them
refurbed and powder coated seems like an alright deal to me!

Now... they dont come with springs.. so that's what I was on here for mainly, can any one recommend springs?
I only have standard 6 spoke 1.8T 16" wheels atm, I will upgrade those soon enough but Id like springs which I
wont need to change out when I go for some bigger wheels...

I know its a lot to ask! but if theres any more info Id need to give you to get an answer just let me know what
I need to find out and ill get back to you!

Thanks a lot!