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    After Run Pump - Can You Set How Long it Runs For? (Battery Died)

    Hi Chaps.

    As the title really my S3 has eaten a brand new battery in 11months! No kidding, the AA man has just replaced it with a brand new one and checked the alternator etc and everything is operating fine. Good job they're batteries are covered with a 3year warranty. The AA man said it could of been a duff battery but we checked the fluid levels on the battery and they seemed fine. I'm convinced it's my S3 being power hungry!

    So after he tested the levels ignition on/off with headlights on etc, the only thing that seems to be eating charge is the after run pump coming on for 10mins each time I switch my car off. Does anyone know if in VAG-COM you can set it to only come on for 5mins or 2mins to save some battery voltage?
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    Not sure as I think its built into the fan controller.... however... its not something I would advise tbh... the afterrun pump is a protection measure for the turbo and is something I wouldn't want to be touching... you may as well just unplug the thing if thats what you want to do...

    I don't drive my car too much during the week and do maybe 70 odd miles of driving in her at the weekend... I find that after a couple of weeks the battery starts getting pretty low...

    When I have spent a month driving her every day then the battery seems to be fine and its a newish Varta Silver Dynamic battery so not a halfrauds special or owt...

    I would be fairly convinced the after run pump is not the issue here but you can test the theory by disconnecting it for a while and see if your battery life improves noticeably... if you do this though make sure you run the engine down properly to let the turbo cool off etc else you could end up reducing the life of your turbo with out the after run pump running...

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    Thanks for your reply Tufty. For the sake of my Turbo life I agree with you I'd much rather keep the pump connected and replace the battery another 2 times in 2 years as it's under a 3 year warranty instead of shortening my turbo life.

    I was just wondering if their was an option in VAG-COM whether you could set how long the after run pump runs for and if so, reducing the time it runs for maybe if others have. Obviously you can't so no worries - but worth asking. I'm going to leave it connected.

    Yeah the AA man did a test on his AMP meter gizmo thing with it connected and disconnected with the car ignition off and it was drawing nearly another 2amps more whilst it was running which adds up over time. I need to do longer journeys!
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