Hey all,
went on the dyno this evening just to see what the old girl is pulling as i've only owned her for a week, mods are as follows:

- 2.5" or 3" not sure, Powerflow Turbo back exhaust system decat
- Silicone Boost pipes (SFS) and silocone intake pipe, and open cone filter
- remap (by a porsche dealer)

the map itself is very good its running just below stoichiometric at .92 or so so a bit rich but ideal for power.

further plans are:

FMIC kit with black silicone hoses (that need the fogs removed - can anyone direct me to one theres stuff on ebay for £300)
Cold air feed to from the fog (when IC is done)
Better filter (can anyone advise (prefer enclosed-i do have a bmc but think that would be restrictive as the bore is only 30mm)
S&S Manifold (Head-Turbo)