Hi, so basically i've had this problem for a while now. My ABS and TC lights are illuminated nearly all of the time. I get the following fault from a scanner.

01276 - 108 - KWP2000
ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)

012 - Electrical Fault

After searching i decided it was most likely the ABS ECU or grounding of the wires. Had all the wiring checked on voltages and were fine, so i then sent the ECU off to BBA REMAN who couldn't find anything wrong with it. So i'm down to thinking it has to be the ABS Hydraulic Pump.

But then i noticed that if i park the car on a slope (with the front facing uphill) The problem disappears. For example, i drove 50miles with the fault, parked the car on a hill with the front facing up for a night. When i started the car in the morning the fault was gone. I drove 50 miles in the rain with the ABS working perfectly. It worked for nearly another day then the lights come back on. Where I park it is flat.

So i'm now wondering if it could be something that is out of place and falling back in when the far is facing up hill?
It seems very strange to me.

Just wondering if anyone had ideas on this before i go ahead and buy a new pump.

It's a 2001 1.9TDI btw