Cheers guys,

First of all, great forum, great cars, great information. Thumbs up!
I like the professionalism here, and the respect.

I am not a professional mechanic or something, but I am trying to keep up with basic or more information about my car.
I live in Lebanon, and there are some things I would like to buy, and since you guys are experts, anyone interested with a little business in supplying me?

1: i need sport seats, front & back, from my A3 1 door (preferably leather) I want the ones that are usually found on 180 bhp A3s

2: VAG scanner. Found one Vag Vw Audi Seat Skoda Fault Code Scannerreadereraser Vag For Sale in Dublin: Buy and Sell Used Cars, Motorbikes & Boats, Second Hand Car Parts & Accessories on but if you could supply with something nicer/better, I am interested.

3: MAF - not that mine is faulty, but I believe that replacing the MAF will bring back more life into the engine (?) correct me if I am wrong

4: Arm rest, glove box cover, steering wheel, ashtray, and lots more.

Please if someone is interested, I am a serious buyer, I will send you the payment against shipment documents. My e-mail is

Thanks a lot for you time & reading