I've got an A3 1.8T 1999. The head lamps are dulled, give out poor light and my indicators could do with re-freshing, the car is pretty mint and the lights are letting it down, question is do i replace with new original spec units or can i upgrade to the later one piece units (2001+) off the face lift model? What work would be involved. Or i've seen the one piece Angel lights on E-Bay, has anyone any experience with these?

Exhaust question - my std system life is just about over, i've seen these long life custom made exhausts, are these good systems? Are they loud as i don't want to sound like a tw@t in a corsa! Just would like a nice rasp on pulling away!

Last question - MAF sensor, i'm about to replace mine as the car runs better without it!! When i fit the new unit - does anything in the diagnostics have to be re-set so the car knows a new sensor is fitted or is it just fit and go?