The words ‘brochure’ and ‘price guide’ will no longer do justice to the latest Audi model literature as the Vorsprung durch Technik brand fittingly becomes the first car manufacturer to bring its material vividly to life through augmented reality.

The new Audi Vision app will enable customers to point their camera-equipped mobile devices at the latest spring 2013 Audi price and specification guides, and ‘unlock’ the static pages of the brochure, triggering additional content such as video, sound, hotspots and additional pictures and text.

As high quality explanatory film and imagery brings each car and its technology to life, customers will of course also still have access to all the necessary background pricing, specification and technical data to help them make an informed purchase decision.

Once the Audi Vision app has taken a ‘grab’ from a particular brochure using the device’s camera, it no longer requires a data connection (although wi-fi is required for streamed video), unlike other generic cloud-based augmented reality platforms, so users can access elements of the additional content wherever and whenever they choose.

The Audi Vision app has been designed exclusively for Audi by global mobile marketing specialist Somo, and is available for the iPhone, the iPad and Android-based devices. The app will be compatible with all the Audi model range brochures.

Hugh Fletcher, National Digital Manager for Audi UK, says:  “Audi Vision is the most innovative digital project we’ve undertaken to date, and applying this technology to our brochures is just the beginning. In the coming years we’ll be using the Vision platform across a broad spectrum of marketing channels, augmenting printed matter, digital content and other materials used by our Audi Centres to allow Audi fans to really get under the skin of our cars.”

The free Audi Vision app is available via the following links:



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