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2013 Silverstone Classic, the biggest yet?

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May 13, 2013


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2013 Silverstone Classic, the biggest yet?

The launch of what purports to be the biggest ever Silverstone Classic took off the wraps yesterday to Media from far and wide at the prestigious Wing complex at Silverstone.

Nick Wigley Event Director outlined the massive programme of on track entertainment and also off track amusements, club stands, shopping and exhibitors saying that advanced ticket sales are up, there is an increase in club stands, the shopping Village has been extended to accommodate the increase in retail exhibitors, and apparently many grids are oversubscribed.

With a Touring Car Theme, some stars from the past made appearances such as Tiff Needell, John Cleland, Tim Harvey and Patrick Watts, also taking to the circuit in some of their machines from the 1990’s.

Several 911 Porsches were in attendance and it was announced that with this year being the 50th anniversary they are aiming to have 911 examples of the 911 Porsche on show and take to the circuit for a parade lap similar to last years Ferrari F40’s record.

This year there is to be a huge line of  saloon car races, marking over 40yrs of Touring Cars.  This will include a wide range of cars from the days of the 2 driver under 2-litre Touring Car race, with Lotus Cortina’s, Alfa Romeos, BMW’s and the ever loved mighty Mini, moving on to the Super Touring Trophy which includes the loud and fire breathing Cosworth Sierras along with their German adversaries the BMW -M3.

There will also be the new Trans-Atlantic Touring Car Trophy which will highlight the Yank Tanks that took to the circuits in the 1960’s with their V8 Muscle that for a while dominated the Saloon Car of that era.

Along with further announcements about more single seater action there will be some well-known and iconic names that are racing legends; Sir Jackie Stewart will be joining many others that helped in designing and building the cars that we all know from the F1 grids over the years at Silverstone.

Racing legend Jim Clark will be honoured at this year’s Silverstone Classic, for those that don’t know, when Jim sadly lost his life whilst racing a F2 car in Germany, he had won more Grand Prix’s than any other driver.

Media were treated to passenger laps in possibly the widest range of racing / sports cars you can imagine, from Porsches, Lamborghini Super Legarra, Mustangs, to a 1907 Berliet Curtiss with an engine capacity of 8.2 litre and producing around 100bhp.

The sensation of the media day had to be, David Coulthard taking to the track in Jim Clarkes Lotus 25 that he raced to victory in the 1963 Grand Prix.  Listening to David commenting on his hero and the car, he commented on how light the steering was and how nimble the car itself was around the track, also how much of an honour it was to be able to drive his own hero’s car, and admitting it was sad that Jim himself couldn’t be there to see it.

This was filmed by the BBC to be screened as part of the pre-Grand Prix programme later in the year, so it’s a not to be missed, seeing this beautiful car being driven around Silverstone by David is something well worth watching and the Silverstone Classic event looks to have something for everyone.



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