Monza opens the 2013 series of the Blancpain GT3 Racing.

Whilst the  Blancpain race series is still a relatively new series having only started in 2011, it is backed by the Swiss watchmakers, ‘Blancpain’ for where it’s taken its name, and from a company whose watches are easily in the region of £14k, you know this should be good.

This is the second year that the series will be visiting the UK at Silverstone on June 1st – 2nd, so from previous reports it could well be worth a visit on that weekend.

Apparently it’s also televised on Motors TV but I’m told it can be as much as a 12 delay; however there is live coverage on the Blancpain website.  this is where I watched it, bit pixelated at times but that could be my connection to be fair, short of that, was fine and I enjoyed the racing although to be honest I didn’t watch all 3 hrs of it, you need to be there to experience that but that goes for just about all motorsports, you cant beat the atmosphere at the circuits.

So, for 2013 the 3 classes are, Pro, Pro Am and Gentleman’s Trophy.
Basically:  Pro and Pro Am are FIA GT3 cars that conform with the latest FIA Homologation regulations as well as well as GT3 cars under temporary RACB homologation for cars under development!

Gentlemen’s category is; all the FIA GT3 cars with older specifications and models for the trophy class are accepted.
For 2013 all the FIA GT3 cars in conformity with the latest FIA Homologation (2011/2012/2013) will be accepted in all categories.
Easy to understand that lot really!

This looks like being a super car lover’s dream, there is an impressive list of prestige marques with Audi, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Nissan.  OK so putting Nissan as a ‘Supercar’, didn’t seem quite right but both teams did manage 7th and 13th places in their relevant categories at Monza last weekend so although not what I imagine as a Supercar , they could be contenders, time will tell .

With a massive grid of 60 GT3 cars this does make for interesting racing and a very interesting 1st lap, but amazingly at Monza there were only 2 cars that made contact in the inaugural lap, causing one of the Audis involved to dramatically lose its bonnet a lap later.

In the Pro series the 2012 winners  Belgium Audi Club WRT the 2012     winners were again defending their title but  they only managed 3rd place with the the Ferrari 458 Italia of Kessel Racing taking 1st with the McLaren MP4-12C of Art Grand Prix coming in second.

From watching the racing on the Blancpain endurance website, there looked to be some pretty good, close racing with some hard fought battles and some spectacular off’s too.

I’ll follow this series right through and I’m hoping to be there at Silverstone to soak up the noise and atmosphere of all these exotic cars and also bring a close up and personal experience of this series to you.

Words by Ann Chinsang
Drive By Shooters Photography and Marketing
Images, courtesy of Blancpain.


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