On the odd occasion that I stop to read an E-mail offering me something for free that isn’t a breast argumentation or the like, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a copy of a new book from a gentleman named Lorenzo Facchinetti. Now don’t get me wrong a good breast implant on a cold spring day was looking to brighten things up for me but I have to say this e-book was even better.

Lorenzo is a staff writer for a couple of Italian car magazines the monthly Auto and the weekly motorsport magazine Autosprint. He has written a complete history of the Audi Quattro and its historical importance both in production cars and motorsport past and future. Now this is not a new subject and there are a few other books that have been written on the subject over the years that collect dust on many of our bookshelves I’m sure but this new book is different. As I have already mentioned it’s an e-book. If like me you mourn the death of the printed copy, being able to fold back the spine of a new book with its glossy pages and the smell that only comes from a newly printed page and feel that the point of the e-book has missed.

With the launch of the e-reader such as the Kindle or Ipad there has always been the promise of something more than just a poor imitation of the printed page. Yes it’s cleaver to make a screen look like paper in bright sun light and it’s great that you can now take to complete works of Shakespeare with you on holiday without easy jet of Ryan Air rubbing their hand together on the amount they are about to charge you in excess baggage to lug these tombs around with you. The lack of exploiting the interactive possibilities has always been a mystery to me. Yes I can see that taking a back catalogue and dumping it on to Amazon or ITunes to create a lucrative income stream is attractive but come on, there’s more to life.

Mr Facchinetti has gone some way to rectify the situation with he’s latest book. Not only is it available in both English and Italian it also contains over 160 high resolution images, videos, interactive images, pop-ups and much more. It’s available now on line at the ITunes store where for the princely sum of $9.99 it can be yours but if you are Italian it will be $10.99. Well worth a look.

This is the link to reach the book on iTunes:

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