Cloud 3D Printing

While 3D printing isn’t new and for a while now there have been quite a few people making there own kits to do it at home it has been either really expensive to buy a machine or too much of a pain in the posterior to make a printer. has stepped in the ring as a friendly and simple to use website that not only provides the software and tools to make/rapid prototype just about anything you want. By using a laser and firing it into a powder that solidifies when exposed to the laser the object is created layer by layer just like a cupboard puzzle. Once the image has been lasered in to the powder and the loose material has been removed the completed object is revealed. Things that would be impossible to create another way can be created only by rapid prototyping. Ever tried making a ball inside a ball that was made that way. no joins or seams where two halves came together.

Items can be very hi tech and a prototype for something really technical or as simple as a key ring. Thing you have a good design that others would like to buy? Than add it to the online store and make a commision every time someone buys one..

Ever wanted your own IPhone case that no one else has then here is the solution. With a host of different materials and finishing the sky is the limit to what you can have made and with easy to use apps anyone can.


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