The Leap

For the first time, you can control your computer in three dimensions using just your hand and finger movements and Leap Motion enabled software.

The possibilities are endless, really. Art. Health Care. Engineering. Gaming. If you can imagine it, we’re pretty confident there’s a remarkable member of our developer community who’s already making it a reality. Here are just some of the applications enabled for the Leap Motion controller.

These are pretty big claims that seem to be being backed up by the reports of what I’m sure will become the type of technology we find built into every PC and laptop to day. I remember the first time I ever used a mouse and I get the feeling that this is somewhere close. We are so limited by the current offerings and while I’m sure this isn’t going to replace them this is surly the next obvious direction in control that we have seen with some of the gaming consoles. Having said that this takes this form of technology to a whole new level with the accuracy and control.

Now with the announcement that the technology is going main stream by being included in the high end models of the ASUS ranges of Desktop and laptop computers as well as the additional $30 Million in funding they have secured this has to be a hot ticket to watch.

The Leap Motion is available to pre-order now with the product being shipped in the first part of 2013. Do I want one? Do I have one on order? Hell Yes :)

If you want to get your own here is the link…

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