Comparing how far the latest Audi models will stretch each pound spent at the fuel pumps has just become considerably easier thanks to a new online fuel cost calculator which is available free on

The useful tool enables new customers in search of their ideal Audi, or existing owners looking to upsize or downsize, to easily establish which model will best suit their budget by mixing and matching different body styles, model classes, trim levels and fuel types. Each time a pair of models is selected, the system provides a virtually instantaneous calculation of the potential financial benefit of choosing one model over the other.

To make the figures that are generated as precise and relevant as possible, the calculator enables users to input their projected annual mileage right down to the last mile, the duration in years they would like the calculation to cover, the specific MPG figure they want to use for comparison (urban/extra urban/combined) and the anticipated price per litre of fuel. The latter is automatically added based on the national average according to the AA Fuel Price Report, which is updated monthly, but prevailing prices at the user’s local filling station can also be entered manually.

The calculator displays the official government fuel economy figure for each model chosen (based on the urban, extra urban or combined option selected), and uses this, along with the other preset parameters, to predict totals for fuel expenditure over the chosen period (between one  year and seven years) based on the current fuel price. From these it then calculates the monthly, and annual, sum that would be saved by choosing the more economical of the two models selected. Differences in purchase price are also clearly displayed.

Taking the all-new A3 three-door compact hatchback as an example, the calculator quickly shows that the 1.4 TFSI 122PS SE petrol model is £950 cheaper as an outright purchase than the 1.6 TDI 105PS SE diesel, but that a driver covering 10,000 miles in a year on average could save very nearly this sum at the pumps by choosing the 1.6 TDI, though only after three years. This makes it easier for drivers to tailor their choice of model to suit how, and for how long, they tend to use a car.

Once the user has arrived at a decision, a test drive in the chosen car can then be simply arranged by clicking on a button at the foot of the page.

The online fuel calculator can be accessed by clicking on the “Explore Models” tab at the top of the home page and then clicking the “calculate fuel costs” option.

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