Silverstone Hot Laps Day

Wix Audi BTCC Race CarWe have just returned back from a great day with the Wix Audi at Silverstone. One of the rewards we give over the course of the year is Hot Laps; a chance to take passengers out for some serious fun and excitement with me at the wheel of the BTCC Spec Audi.

I always get a huge kick out of driving anyway but even more so when I can see the look of combined terror and joy on people’s faces when they get strapped into the passenger seat. We had the benefit of being able to use the full GP circuit too which added to the drama of the day enormously! We had a number of people on the day from all kinds of promotions and competitions over the last few months so it was a great opportunity to get everyone together for one common theme.

We had two winners of the Wix promotion, our eBay winner (from us selling off spare body parts from the cars), our Pancreatic Cancer Charity Donations winner, some sponsors old and new and of course I got to take out my wife, Lucy, on her maiden voyage in the Audi. Something that, as you can see by the video, will never be forgotten.

We also saw Ian from PopBangColour and Pif who did an amazing pencil drawing of the car for us and gave us the first signed, framed print to give away in a competition.

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