What happens when the racing ends

Rob Austin mechanicsThe closed season is often the most busy time for the Wix Racing BTCC Audi. As soon as the racing ends we aim to have the car stripped down as soon as we can so we can address things that we never have time to look at during the season. This is normally added to the list of development jobs that we have highlighted as the season goes on; the result is what feels like a complete and total rebuild. Engines out, subframes off and body panels repaired.

This year we also find ourselves in the position of supporting Wix at a corporate event in December as well as attending the Autosport International show at the NEC in January so whatever we do the car has to be put back together in the interim periods where the car will be on display. I guess this makes working on the car a little more logistically challenging.

We are also in the midst of raising sponsorship revenues for 2013 which is always a difficult time – especially when there’s a global financial crisis to contend with. We know only too well how great our proposals are for 2013 in terms of what we can offer potential partners but the trick is always trying to convince others to make the investment.

The boys have all worked their asses of this year and we have made huge leaps forward during the latter stages of the season,where we have showed real competitiveness. The winter will be a busy but very motivating time for us.

Wix Racing Audi BTCC

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