AMG V12 turntable

For those among you who thought that vinyl was dead you have another thing coming. For over 10 years AMG of Germany (not nor anything to do with the car maker) has been making components for the very high end of the turntable world. With AMG Viella 12 they now have their own turntable to rival that of the other high end turntables on the market. This turntable might seem eye watering at nearly £10,500 but it is being already being compared to £70,000+ turntables.

The Viella 12’s 31.75cms, nearly 11Kgs platter is CNC machined from aircraft aluminium, with a weighted rim to enhance the flywheel effect. To provide the drive for this platter, a precision-made rubber belt runs from the pulley/flywheel of the V12’s two-pulse, brushless 24V DC motor (housed on the plinth but acoustically decoupled via five constrained-layer metal/rubber mounts) to an aluminium sub platter fitted with a hardened 16mm axle-bearing—CNC- machined and lapped in-house. The axle is itself constrained in the bearing well by two sealed, dynamically-lubricated radial bearings and statically-lubricated axial bearings.

Werner Roeschlau, designer and driving force behind AMG, works with his son and other master machinists at their bespoke multi-story Bavarian factory located north of Munich. All machining is done in house, combining the latest Computer Aided Design and CNC machines with “classic analogue” tools including custom lathes and drill presses. Their factory has been manufacturing key, precision parts for some of the world’s most highly regarded turntables for over a decade. This expertise in the design and manufacture of turntables led to the AMG line, premiering with the Viella 12.

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