Forge Motorsport TTRS and RS3 Monster Intercooler

Forge Motor sport has once again been hard at work on both new products and the improvement of some of their existing ones. The latest focus for them has been the TTRS and the RS3 and the task of producing the best possible results. Increasing the core size by using all of the available space, their intercooler the were able to take advantage of a significantly increased surface area  there by increasing the efficiency over the stock cores. The new core measures 530x130x225mm, and is of bar and plate design and construction. The end tanks have been designed in such a way that the standard hoses and be retained. The goals of all good products is both function and form and in this respect Forge have made efforts not only to make this product perform extremely well but also with the installation great care has been taken to try and make the fitment of this product as simple as possible. The intercoolers come supplied attached to a modified bumper iron. This not only reduces the time need to install these intercoolers to around three hours but also makes sure that the intercooler is properly supported. For the DIY among us this also means that this product should be possible to be installed on your driveway.

This product has been the result of much testing and thought. Rather than simply creating a new product and testing it on the consumers Forge have run an extensive period of testing and development to iron out any problems before the customers ever saw this product. Improvements for are not restricted to modified cars as good gains are claimed for the standard cars in the region of 40bhp on back to back testing. The recommendation with modified cars is to make sure that the software is tailored to get the best benefits’ from the new intercooler.

The temperature reduction that can be expected is in the region of 20 to 25 deg C at the intercooler outlet. This is of course dependent on ambient temperatures. This also applies to the inlet manifold where the temperature will also be lower.



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