The Scottish Members held our 3rd Scottish meet at Edinburgh Audi. This was attended by 40 people mostly from, we were also joined by some mutual friends, who are members of the TT owners club. Steven from Edinburgh Audi made everyone feel so welcome and couldn’t do enough for us, he gave up his Sunday off to make sure we had everything we needed, and to make sure the day was enjoyable for all. We were allocated prime parking for the cars at the main/reception area and down the side of the newly refurbished showroom.  Edinburgh Audi were kind enough to allow us to put up 2 x 15ft banners. It made our meeting look really official, Audi cars at the Audi Dealership. It was an excellent day for both sides as it allowed visiting/potential customers to see first hand what everyday cars look like and what a lot of the extras looked like in normal peoples cars. We all know that the guys like to show off their  mods, and the paintwork on these cars is truly awesome.

It was a very well organised event, which was enjoyed by all members and Audi customers, who got to see some really fine examples of members cars that are used and well looked after. It was a great turnout and good to put faces to the names we come across on the main forum. As you all know at these meets, its all about the cars, what is  different from one model to the next. Some members had brought their VCDS cables and laptops so it was excellent opportunity for running a scan on some members cars that had little niggles, or for those that wanted certain functions enabled. Everyone was a winner. The meet went so well that we acquired a few new members to the TT section of the forum, so a big welcome to them for joining our amazing site.

Hope you all enjoy looking at a few of the pictures. We will be looking forward to more meets at Audi dealerships just need to think where to go next.

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